Wedding Superstitions & Traditions: Wedding Day Weather

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on 21st Jul 2014

Not a rainy Saturday goes by that I don’t think about it being someone’s wedding day. The bride who wakes to drizzle or downpour will certainly hear over and over that rain is good luck, as she attempts to keep frizzy hair at bay and her dress out of puddles.

Steve Randon Studio.

While worrying about this uncontrollable element of your big day is perfectly pointless, it’s the wise bride who is prepared with a back up plan. But what’s with this good luck theory? Is it simply a made up concoction courtesy of well meaning family and friends attempting to cheer up a rainy day bride? While the origin of this superstition is not entirely clear, multiple cultures have something to say about wedding day weather.

Rain is said to be good luck as it washes away sadness and sorrow. It is also said to increase fertility. The Hindus wisely observed that “a wet knot is much more difficult to unravel.” Americans tend to embrace the good luck theory as well, while the Irish are divided. Some agree it is a blessing while others believe rain prior to a wedding foretells of a lifetime of tears. Other folklore states that windy or cloudy skies predict a stormy marriage, but falling snow brings peacefulness and warmth.

Superstitions aside, many photographers appreciate shooting on a rainy, overcast day as lighting is often optimal, free of unflattering shadows created by harsh sunlight. Colors appear brighter and more saturated when wet, enhancing the richness and look of both buildings and nature. And wet pavement can cast beautiful reflections. Use gray skies to your advantage to create unexpected shots that enhance your true bridal beauty. If the forecast is looking bleak, discuss unique, rainy day image options with your photographer.

Embrace your wedding day weather no matter what. If the forecast calls for rain, make a plan B and stick to it. Rain or shine, make your own good luck! ~ M.T.