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Petit Fours - 48 pc Split 1/2 Praline 1/2 Pecan Brownie

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$81.00 Price Includes Next Day Air Saver in most areas.

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$81.00 Price Includes Next Day Air Saver in most areas.

Haydel's is pleased to offer our split petit four almond wedding cake squares package direct to your front door. Pecan Brownie: The Pecan Brownie Square is made from scratch using our old family recipe. Topped with chocolate fudge and finished with a southern pecan. Praline Pecan: Praline pecan fondant icing and finished with small pecan pieces. These squares are made from scratch using traditional Almond Pound Cake. These petit fours are shipped overnight in a specially designed box to ensure that your package arrives safely. This is a great idea for a party or just a gathering of friends.