King Cakes

Our traditional and filled king cakes are made of danish dough, hand braided with cinnamon and sugar, baked to perfection, topped with fondant icing and adorned lavishly with purple, green and gold sugar.

Sugar-Only King Cakes are made with the same delicate process as our traditional king cakes, but without the icing.

Filled King Cakes come in your choice of praline pecan, cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese, German chocolate, and brownie chocolate chip. King cakes are filled on top of the braided dough creating a valley of filling.

Da Parish King Cakes are baked with the purple, green, and gold sugar on top of the king cake. After baking, it is generously drizzled with icing and adorned with sprinkles.

Freshness and taste is our utmost concern, and our products are constantly changing as we bake items fresh every day. If you do not see something on the page please give us a call at 504-837-0190 or 1-800-442-1342 as we may have other items available.