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Haydel's fills this crispy canolli shell with a sweet praline cream cheese and dips the ends in sweet southern pecans. This package includes 24 cocktail canjunnolis and the enchanting legend of their origin.

The legend of the Cajunnoli®:

Dat summer on the bayou had been very hot. Alfonse was gearing up for a busy Kringle season. He had trained 'is gator just right to make all the deliveries up and down the bayou. Dey got word dat one of dem Hurricanes was headed dere way. Dey boarded up all dere windows and moved da gator indoors.

Da wind blew all night and da rain came down. Da waters rose and da bayou got very high.

Dat next morning, Alfonse opened his front door to see a man slumped over da seat of a very funny looking boat right dere in his front yard. He ran out and shook da man to see if he was OK. Da man woke up and said, "Where am I?" He did not talk like he was from da bayou. Apparently he had been blown in during da storm. But from where??

Alfonse brought him in da house and made him some coffee. As da coffee began to warm him he started telling da story of what had happened.

His name was Guiesseppe. He was on a trip in Louisiana from Sicily, Italy. He had brought his boat to show some of his friends. When da storm came and da flood water rose, he hopped in the boat for safety. Da next thing he knew he was in Alfonse's front yard. It turned out dat Guiesseppe was a baker too. He saw all of Alfonse's cast iron pots and asked if he could try something to thank him for taking him in. Alfonse obliged.

Guiesseppe made a thin pastry cannoli shell. It was fried to a crispy golden brown. He was looking all over Alfonse's shop for something to fill it with. He found a bucket marked "sweet cajun filling." He spooned some into a bag and filled da shell. He presented it to Alfonse as a thank you. Alfonse took one bite and was amazed at how good it was. He asked Guiesseppe what it was called. In honor of Alfonse, Guiesseppe called it the "Cajunnoli ®."

So as da legend has it, Guiesseppe's thank you to Alfonse turned into a bayou delicacy given between friends just to say "thank you!"