Wedding Superstitions & Traditions: The Bouquet & Garter Toss

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on 20th Aug 2014

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While some may cringe when they hear the call for all the single folks to come to floor, others can’t wait to wrestle their gal pals for a fist full of fresh flowers or try to beat their bros to the garter. But few give a second thought as to how these celebrated shenanigans that supposedly signify the next to wed, got their start…

The Bride’s bouquet is said to be filled with good fortune.
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Bridal Blessing

The bride’s bouquet is thought to be filled with good fortune, so back in Queen Victoria’s day it was customary for the bride to remove flowers from her bouquet and present one to each of her bridesmaids. This eventually evolved into tossing the bouquet itself. Modern brides often have a special toss bouquet made just for the occasion.

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Marriage Mob

The origin of the garter toss on the other hand, is light on romance and heavy on creepy.

In medieval times it was common for wedding guests to escort the newlyweds to the bedroom as the celebration was drawing to a close. And like the bouquet, the bride’s clothing was also said to bring good luck, sometimes causing inebriated guests to tear at her gown. The protective groom would often throw her garter into the unruly crowd as distraction and to prevent anyone from going after it themselves. Thankfully, this custom has also evolved!

A special thank you to beautiful brides Lacey G. and Amanda B. for the use of their wonderful wedding photos in this post! ~ M. T.