Wedding Cake FAQ

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on 16th Apr 2014

We love these engraved forks found on The Faded Nest!

You’re getting married! There can be a considerable amount of stress when it comes to tying the knot, but the cake is one accessory that you can definitely have some fun with and it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) require too much of your time or attention. We sat down with one of our most seasoned wedding cake specialists here at Haydel’s, Tonya. She’s been working with NOLA brides at Haydel’s for nearly 10 years and is often requested for wedding cake consultations for her enthusiasm and vast wedding cake knowledge. Although she now heads up our HR department, she still makes time for bridal consultations. Herself a bride-to-be, we popped open the bubbly and asked Tonya to share answers to some of our brides most frequently asked questions when it comes to the sweetest of plans for the big day.

How far in advance should I reserve my date?

Here at Haydel’s we typically recommend reserving your wedding date a few months in advance. However, some dates can book up quickly, depending on time of year and popularity, so it is always best to get your date secured as soon as possible. our best bet is to put a call into the bakeries you’re interested in to find out if your date is available.

Do I need to make an appointment for a wedding cake consultation/tasting?

We offer wedding cake consultations Tuesday through Friday from 7:30am until 4:00pm as walk-ins only, no appointment necessary. We do take appointments on Saturdays however, so if a Saturday is most convenient for you, give us a call to set up a time. Don’t delay though, our Saturdays book up fast. Every bakery varies and most include this type of information on their websites.

Do I need to specifically request a tasting or is that automatically included in the consultation?

We prepare wedding cake samples everyday and always have them on hand.Therefore brides are welcome to walk – in anytime before 4pm on weekdays (excluding Monday) and receive a sample tray. Even though we only do consultations on Saturdays by appointment we still try to carry a few extra samples so that if a bride happens to be in town and would simply like to pick up samples, we can usually accommodate her.

What should I bring to the appointment?

If there are any images of cakes the bride may be interested in, it is always best to have them available so that our sales specialist can assist them more accurately with design, pricing, etc. We have an entire wedding cake album for them to view when they come in, if they do not have a specific idea in mind just yet. Be sure to check out our wedding cake gallery on our website for some ideas too. Color swatches from bridesmaids dresses or other samples are helpful as well.

Lovely lace.

What’s trendy in wedding cakes?

There are so many unique designs out there, it’s always hard to say exactly what’s trendy. Textured trims and lace patterns have been very popular, which is interesting considering one is very simple and the other is ornate.

Have you given any thought to your own wedding cake yet?

I have given plenty of thought to my own wedding cake. Working with brides and wedding cakes all day, it is hard not to! I have decided to go with a simple, textured design. Perhaps I’m just going with the trend right now or maybe I have seen so much that I decided to keep it simple. I have a few ideas to add my own touch, but I’m keeping those a secret!

No matter your wedding style, have fun when it comes to designing your cake. Don’t be afraid to let your personality show! Most importantly, enjoy the planning process and find vendors that make your life easier …(of course a glass of champagne can also do the trick!). Happy planning y’all! – M.T.