Our Top Five Picks – Norman Love Chocolates

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on 18th Jun 2013

Norman Love Chocolates sure are easy on the eyes y’all. Each truly is “artistry in chocolate” just as this exclusive Florida based company boasts. In fact, I’ve been admiring them, mostly from afar, since they made their debut here at Haydel’s around the holidays. Are they as delicious as they are sexy? Taste test you say? Well, if you insist!

Along with Dave Jr., I was ready to tackle this heavenly assignment with nothing less than the enthusiasm of a six year old. I’m no Haydel like my taste testing counterpart, but my weakness is sweets. Inherited that from my Daddy, who we’d often find eating an entire cake with a fork…no need to waste time cutting it into slices. I too cannot be trusted alone with baked goods. Based solely on experience, I consider myself an unlicensed expert when it comes to judging sugary confections.

We chose some of our best selling Norman Love Chocolates here at Haydel’s along with a couple of recently released flavors. Next, we unapologetically devoured them all in five minutes flat (that’s a fact folks) and ranked them 5 to 1. Here’s how each bite of chocolatey goodness stacked up.

Peaches and Cream

Meredith’s Rank: 5
Dave’s Rank: 3
“…fresh peaches drenched in heavy cream and coated in white chocolate.” You had me at heavy cream and white chocolate. But the best part about this one was the intense burst of peach mid-chew. Peaches and Cream has southern summertime written all over it!


Meredith’s Rank: 4
Dave’s Rank: 4
“Ciao down on creamy vanilla mascarpone and rich espresso ganache enrobed in a dark chocolate shell.” I predicted this would win top billing from the get go as Tiramisu is a favorite of mine in real life. As delicious as it was it did not take my #1 vote only because of the mind blowing amazingness that lay ahead.

Key Lime Shell

Meredith’s Rank: 3
Dave’s Rank: 2
“This tangy classic is made with fresh key lime juice for a feeling of Florida sunshine with each bite.” White chocolate and key lime make an exceptional pairing! The lovely Key Lime Shell definitely gets my vote for best eye candy.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Meredith’s Rank: 2
Dave’s Rank: 5
“This classic ice cream parlor recipe of rich dark chocolate and creamy vanilla mint filling comes complete with tiny chocolate chips.” My first and unshakable thought…Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies! Mint Chocolate Chip is a must have.

Drum roll please! By unanimous decision, the winner of our in-house, unscientific taste test is…

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Meredith’s Rank: 1
Dave’s Rank: 1
“Fresh strawberry jam and creamy peanut butter coated in Swiss milk chocolate…” PB&J is all grown up! Good Lawd, Peanut Butter and Jelly rocked our world my friends! Add it to your bucket list.

We’d love to hear your top picks! Treat yourself! – M.T.

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