NOLA’s 10 Best Foodie Instagram Feeds

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on 6th Nov 2017

In New Orleans, chefs are celebrities and restaurants are landmarks – even the ones that haven’t been there for over a decade.

Keeping up with the new restaurants and food trucks and chefs and menus in the 504 is nearly impossible without some help. So we gathered a list of our favorite places to go for that help – New Orleans’ best foodies, food bloggers, writers, and eaters.

First up, Eater_nola

Their website is a daily stop for the perpetually hungry with a frequently updated Heatmap (a google map with their top new spots) and their 38 Essentials map with the established eateries. But it’s their Instagram feed that really blows us away. This thing is just loaded with the most beautiful, vibrant food shots imaginable.

Another must-follow for any NOLA foodie, @nola.eats

This foodie eats well and documents every bite. Follow this account for beautiful food that gets a full explanation in the comments. And if you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, just ask. They’re really good about answering questions in the comments.

With a name like @nolafoodgoddess

Lorin Gaudin’s warm personality comes through in her great Instagram feed that mixes sexy food shots, lovely homemade meals, and sweet family moments. Follow her for everything from rolled ice cream to “creole garlic” – a thing we didn’t know existed until seeing it on her feed.

Next up, @wherenolaeats

If this picture of applewood smoked pork belly burnt ends hadn’t hooked us, this picture of a beignet wedding cake would have. Either way, their Insta feed is loaded with beautiful food and some wonderful recipes for those who want to do more than just look at food.

Anthony of @eatingnola

This dude is a trip. Anthony is a voracious foodie who likes it spicy, smoky, fried, on the half shell and covered in cheese. He tries some of the weirdest treats in the city (what the heck is a “meat muffin”?) so you don’t have to. He also has lots of freebies and giveaways and a great Snapchat feed, if that’s more your thing.

“The best food from everywhere” – @noshingusa

If you’re looking for the intersection of food and travel, your search is over. Pasta in New York, spiral-cut chips in Prague, watermelon soft serve in Miami – this girl eats well and takes vibrant pictures of her gastronomic adventures.

When we figure out how to tag along with her on a food trip, we’ll let you know.

Off the Eaten Path @eatenpathnola

For a latin-spin on local dining, @eatenpathnola is a fantastic follow. This account highlights some of the city’s hidden gems like figgy toast with blue cheese from Cowbell, Mofongo from Mangu on the Westbank, and the blueberry cake from Sac-a-Lait. But if you get sucked into this food feed’s lovely array of delights, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Wait, what day is it? And why do I need tacos?

NOLA Kitchen @nolakitchen

This is another account that is distinctly NOLA. Oyster Roc, Mosca’s, shrimp and grits, Domenica, Uptown, CBD – if it tastes good, looks good, and is all about that 504, it’s on this mouth-watering Insta feed.

The voice (and lense) of New Orleans eating, Ian McNulty @ianmcnultynola

No list about New Orleans food would be complete without Ian McNulty. His weekly food segments on WWNO are some of the finest food writing you’ll hear anywhere. He knows this city and her food and expresses his love for both with eloquence and passion. And his Instagram feed? Piled high with gorgeous food shots and the best bites from across the Big Easy.

Who, me? @Haydelsbakery

Heck yes, we’re putting our own Instagram feed on our list! And why wouldn’t we? We have turtles, freshly baked cakes, delicate little icing flowers, and anything else tasty that we have in the case at Haydel’s. It’s a fun account to follow for anyone with a sweet tooth and a love for this great city.

Who are we missing?

If you know any good NOLA food accounts we should be following, leave them in the comments on Facebook or Instagram.