Lemon Isn’t Just for Sweet Tea!

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on 21st May 2015

A change in seasons calls for a change of desserts! Spring and soon-to-come summer have led me on a thorough search for warm weather confections. Serious consideration is given to recipes that include ingredients I don’t have to Google. Lemon is my go-to dessert flavor as it is offers the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. Those served chilled another plus in steamy southern Louisiana.

At Haydel’s we whip up lemon-esque goodies like lemon creme pie, lemon meringue, and lemon breakfast danish by request. But the locally loved lemon doberge sits atop the lemon list of popularity. At the mention of doberge, our customers immediately sing the praises of chocolate, which has a huge following, rightly deserved. Lemon doberge may always be the bridesmaid, but I highly recommend chocolate’s fairer sibling, who may just might win your heart!

As the baking weekend warrior type, I have found myself in over my head with a new recipe on more than one occasion. My self-imposed standards have even led to all night bake sessions because the first go round (or second) was a big fat fail. I’ve included a couple of my favorite lemon dessert recipes below that did not require all-nighters. Both of these recipes received rave reviews from multiple taste-testers.

Lemon Pound Cake

Top notch! I made two and gave away quarters to friends and family who raved about it. I’m certain it would be lovely with nearly any pairing (you’ll have to sub the pairing suggested in the recipe with an alternate brand right now) but it stands solidly alone with no adornment whatsoever. Takeaway: Once you get the hang of putting this recipe together, it takes no time. A zester is a must!

Lemon Dream Cake

A cinch to make and served chilled! The ingredient list does include boxed cake and cans, but that doesn’t bother me and it’s too delicious to pass up just because it’s not scratch made. The frosting is soooo good! Lemon Dream Cake was taste tested and given two thumbs up by Ryan Haydel himself so get to work on this one!

Enjoy y’all!