In Defense of Fruitcake

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on 4th Dec 2013

You either love it or hate it. Maybe you’ve never really given it a fair shake and deemed it unsavory based on hearsay alone. Or perhaps you’ve actually tired it but due to preconceived notions or peer pressure, you had your mind made up that no matter how it actually tasted, you simply were not going to like it.

Legend has it that the earliest versions of fruitcake were placed on ancient Egyptian tombs for use in the afterlife, but it didn’t become common until Roman times. And a few may argue that some of today’s fruitcakes taste as if they’ve been around since then, but perhaps if you’re not sold on it, you should consider giving fruitcake a second look. Times have changed and so have your options.

I’ll admit that although I come from fruitcake-digging parents, I did not inherit their affection for this dense and fruity holiday treat. So when the boss insisted I try our new fruitcake formulas (“Eat this or you’re fired.”), I was apprehensive but compliant. And more than pleasantly surprised.

Our Haydel’s recipe has always been a big seller around the holidays, but we think the variety and taste our new recipes offer is simply terrific and appeals to traditionalists and fruitcake virgins alike. Pineapple with Macadamia Nuts, Creole Apricot…I mean, really?! Truly sinful y’all! This is not fruitcake from the days of yore, I can assure you.

Perhaps you just need to find the right fruitcake for you. The holidays are a time for second chances, so consider giving a modern version of this often misunderstood Christmas classic another try. You might be pleasantly surprised too! Joyeux Noel! – M.T.