Hosting An Exceptional Get Together: Part 2

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on 22nd May 2013

You paid attention to all the details and as your shindig begins to wind down and it becomes apparent you’ve got a hit on your hands, you are about to pull off one final exceptional move.

Hopefully you were given many thoughtful hostess gifts as party goers arrived (if not, how rude!). And unless you’re attending a wedding, a shower, a child’s birthday party, a graduation or some sort of business function, you likely don’t expect to be on the receiving end of such niceties at a social gathering at someone’s home. So just as the first guests are preparing to make their exit, pull out the parting gifts. An unexpected gesture. A small token of appreciation for coming. And let’s be clear, I’m not dishing out the goodies on fire pit night or after a Memorial Day BBQ with my besties. I save this showstopper for bigger occasions handing each over personally along with a hug and a kiss.

What to give? Edible always gets my vote. The first time I did this, I spent hours making treats, putting them in little bags and tying them with pretty bows. Homemade treats are fantastic, but most of us just don’t have time for all that prep. So instead, consider purchasing them. Fine chocolates, cookies or macaroons are great options. And I’m talking about something that gives you an OMG-that-was-amazing moment and leaves you wanting more. An attractive package on the outside and a handful of mouth-watering bite size treats on the inside. Many will be consumed before your pleasantly surprised guests drive off your street.

Now get started on those hand written thank you notes for your hostess gifts like the good southerner you are. –M.T.