Haydel’s Collectables

Haydel's Collectables

Since 1989, Haydel’s has included more than just the normal baby hidden in their king cake boxes.

Porcelain figurines made by local artist Alberta Grun Retif Meitin Lewis have become a beloved tradition with a few new designs every year.

Some favorites include the first doll they ever made, 1990’s Frozen Charlotte Baby, the Flambeau Carrier from 1993, 2007’s FEMA Trailer Float, and 2011’s #1 Saints Fan.

By the time of Lewis’ passing in 2012, her figures had become cherished. Families across New Orleans and beyond had favorites they saved and those they remember but never got their hands on.

The Haydel’s knew they had to keep her tradition alive and found one of Lewis’ friends to carry the torch on in her memory. Sculptor Rick Devries now makes the figurines just as he did he and Alberta Grun Retif Meitin Lewis began over 28 years ago.

It took little convincing to get Rick on board and the tradition lives on.

This year’s figurines include Iris Sunglasses and a Mardi Gras Page.

If you’re looking for one the past year’s creations, you’re in luck. We have the Porcelain collectables for sale at our online store – where not sold out – for just $5.

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