Celebrate One Year with Your Top Tier

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on 2nd May 2016

Preserving the top tier of the wedding cake continues to be popular among many of today’s newlyweds. The tiniest tier is gently wrapped and frozen to be enjoyed by the couple on their first anniversary. This tradition as we know it today actually grew out of once held conventional views and expectations.

Stored appropriately, your big-day dessert will taste as wonderful as the day you said “I do.” For tips on successfully freezing your top tier, visit: https://haydelbakery.com/blog/freeze-your-cake-and-eat-it-too/.

Present-day practice stems from an earlier custom when couples saved the top tier of their wedding cake to celebrate their first child’s christening or baptism. The blessed event was assumed to take place within a year of the nuptials (talk about pressure!). As lifestyles evolved over the years, the custom transformed as well, eventually shifting to a celebratory symbol of one year of marriage.

If you didn’t save your top tier for one reason or another, consider having it recreated. A photo or a detailed description will suffice. If using the same bakery that made your wedding cake, it is likely they will still have a copy of your order on file within one year that can be easily referenced.

There are unlimited ways to keep traditions close to the heart, yet make them your own. – M.T.