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Wedding Cake FAQ

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on Apr 16th 2014

We love these engraved forks found on The Faded Nest! You’re getting married! There can be a considerable amount of stress when it comes to tying the knot, but the cake is one access … read more

Piece of Cake: Season 1. And Only.

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on Feb 14th 2014

Call it dumb luck, coincidence, or maybe a little hustle, but for some reason, I live on the cusp of meaningless greatness, knocking on the door of insignificant notoriety. Something bi … read more

In Defense of Fruitcake

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on Dec 4th 2013

You either love it or hate it. Maybe you’ve never really given it a fair shake and deemed it unsavory based on hearsay alone. Or perhaps you’ve actually tired it but due to preconceive … read more

Three Cheers for the Vol-au-vent!

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on Nov 12th 2013

We love pattie shells anytime, but especially during the holidays (and yes, we spell it pattie, instead of patty…it’s NOLA, linguistics are fluid and we make our own rules). Also kno … read more

Send Us Your Favorite Fall Pie Recipe

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on Aug 22nd 2013

Fall means football, tailgating, and cooler weather (eventually, right?). And if you’re a foodie, it also calls for a change in menu. Personally, it is hands down my favorite time of y … read more

The Question About Filling

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on Aug 6th 2013

There’s one popular inquiry we get without exception, especially during carnival time when upwards of 50,000 King Cakes are headed out the door depending on the length of the season. Fo … read more

Icing: Anyway You Like It!

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on Jul 17th 2013

There’s one in every celebrating crowd. As the cake is about to be cut, they lay claim to the piece with the most icing via proclamation. I am that person. End piece please! If said … read more

Our Top Five Picks – Norman Love Chocolates

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on Jun 18th 2013

Norman Love Chocolates sure are easy on the eyes y’all. Each truly is “artistry in chocolate” just as this exclusive Florida based company boasts. In fact, I’ve been admiring them, mostl … read more

Hosting An Exceptional Get Together: Part 2

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on May 22nd 2013

You paid attention to all the details and as your shindig begins to wind down and it becomes apparent you’ve got a hit on your hands, you are about to pull off one final exceptional move … read more

Hosting an Exceptional Get Together: Part 1

Posted by Haydel's Bakery on May 2nd 2013

My house is definitely not the biggest on the block, nor is it the most remarkable. In fact, more than a few remodeling projects stand before me. But my parties are rarely forgotten and I’ll tell yo … read more